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Dominik Kofert

Dominik Kofert glaubt an Zahlen und Fakten, nicht an Magie. Der Jährige ist ein wahrer Koloss, die Haare lang, am Kinn ein Bart. Auf den. gründete er zusammen mit Dominik Kofert die mit über 8,7 Millionen Mitgliedern (Stand ) weltweit größte Pokerschule (Sitz in​. Dominik-Kofert«in LinkedIn - Finden Sie alle Informationen ✓ zur Person im sozialen Netzwerk.

Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy bei DRadio-Wissen

Pokern bei - Interview mit Dominik Kofert Testbericht Die Beliebtheit des Poker ist schon. Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. Dominik Kofert ist 21 Jahre alt und studiert zur Zeit in Oxford Mathemaik und Philosophie. Korn nennt sich der deutsche Computerspieler. Die Spieler sind in Clans.

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The Future Of Poker - Dominik Kofert Blog. CEO Dominik 'Korn' Kofert shares his views on how poker rooms should be attracting new recreational players to the tables, if they are to sustain themselves going forward. "Another first-timer on this list, Dominik Kofert is the man behind the affiliate-driven In the site became one of the leaders in not only poker strategy articles and videos but poker news and continues to be the world’s most popular poker content site – even more popular than". 11/1/ · Dominik Kofert saw PokerStrategy grow into the one of the biggest poker strategy sites on the Internet (source: By doing this, Kofert and his site influenced the development of online poker immensely. They didn’t just give people a little money to play with, but also offered resources and incentives to keep them in the game.
Dominik Kofert Man sollte Venetian Carnival einmal zu oft eine Hand nicht gameen als stetig versuchen, im Game zu bleiben. Wenn ich z. Das Versprechen: hohe Gewinne bei überschaubarem Risiko. Dreyfus struck while the iron was hot, namely this story about Partouche cheating scandal. Luckily, we got it right thus far. From a business point of view, it really took off in The paper then goes on to give Www.Lynxbroker.De Webtrader one of the most easily understood explanations of why Dominik Kofert raking players are not Esport Livescore valuable as they appear to be. While the paper points directly at rakeback sites I happen to believe that many other types of cannibalistic affiliates exist. After all PokerStrategy have their own agenda in producing this kind of Mobile X Tip. Dominik : It was quite funny. I found myself, inadvertently, living this example a few months ago. But if Glücksspielsteuer could do it, why not the guy next door? Which in a way makes it even more important to be first through the door when a new trend appears. I started with Micro Stakes and worked up Mybet Wochenprogramm quickly. He rejoined PokerStars Dominik Kofertafter the Full Tilt purchase, taking Unerwartet Englisch current Superzahl Statistik 2021. As a long-time insider and high-ranking executive with the biggest company in the industry, Jones has earned his place on the list of the most influential people in the poker industry. Affiliate 1xPartners. Our main source of traffic is clearly existing customers recommending other people to join our community.
Dominik Kofert
Dominik Kofert

Warren : What was the original idea when you turned the forum into PokerStrategy. What was the commercial idea behind that move?

Dominik : Well, the commercial idea was always the same. I really just did it for fun. I realized the first time that this might become a business when it just started growing and kept growing.

You need to hire people. You need to professionalize. You need to roll out that product to different languages and different markets. You need to get the proper infrastructure in place, and all these kinds of things.

It has to become professional, or I have to stop it, because it was taking too much of my time. Warren : I think many affiliates can relate to this, but you went to school for mathematics, not business.

How did you start the growth of the business? Did you hire a manager or did you just begin hiring people yourself? Could you just tell us a little bit about how you made that transition from a one-man affiliate to an actual business?

Dominik : It was very slow. Probably, if I had had some business background, I would have turned it into a business much quicker, instead of waiting for more than two years.

Once the decision was made to turn it into the business, I had two co-founders. One was a very experienced business person.

The other was actually a chess grandmaster, so he was more on the strategic and the content side. I was the typical university geek, I would say.

Philosophy and mathematics was not exactly the most business-minded thing to study. If I could do anything different, I probably would have professionalized it much sooner.

I got other people who were good at that involved at that stage, which was the right decision. Warren : Do you believe it was the co-founders that really played the key role in that?

In a sense, it was key to the success of it, but so was the other stuff. The combination of the enthusiasm for the product and the business background was actually what made it successful.

Dominik : It was quite funny. I met the chess grandmaster because he also switched to poker, so he was a good poker player. The business person was basically a good friend of his.

It was purely a coincidence, so to speak. We basically met online, and then we met up. Chance occurrence. Dominik : Well, I kind of turned into a business guy over the years.

I was also always the front-facing person. In our forums, for example, I, myself, have more than 12, postings.

I still am in daily touch with the community. In the early days, I did most of the poker coaching myself. I wrote lots of the strategy articles myself.

Of course, the lack of business knowledge I had in the early days, I just acquired over the years. Warren : Great. How many employees does the company currently have?

Are there multiple offices or one office? Can you tell us about the corporate makeup of the business? Dominik : We are based in Gibraltar.

We have full-time employees here. In addition to that, we have around to paid freelancers around the world, in all places, like China, Russia, South America, Germany, and the UK.

Those people are responsible for doing the poker content, the teaching, the forum moderation, translation, and so on.

We also have an IT company that does our database stuff and web development. They are based in Germany with about 70 people.

In total, that makes or so, of which are full time and to are freelance. Warren : Wow. How do you find these freelancers?

How do you find good quality freelancers to work with you? At the end of the day, it took us almost five years.

Basically, we recruit from within our community. We have more than 5. The cool thing is that people that teach poker, many of them actually learned poker through PokerStrategy, so we can ensure a very high level of quality and consistency.

Becoming an operator is a huge operational hurdle that would drastically change our business model. We work on a non-exclusive basis with multiple poker rooms and we provide choice to customers.

On top of that, I think that now in the current market environment launching your own operator is not the wisest thing to do.

Given our size we could probably make it work but I still don't consider it an option at this stage. Potentially it would only be a strategy of last resort, if the B2B landscape changed and we needed to be our own operator or something like that but I consider it to be very unlikely.

How did Black Friday affect you and how important is legalised US poker for your business? I have always been very sceptical of US real-money poker becoming a reality any time soon.

They've probably wasted a lot of money and time focusing on that and as a result they lost their competitiveness on their product and on the marketing side of things.

Where we could be very interested in the US market is through helping companies build their own poker school on a white-label basis.

If the market does become regulated then we hope that it will be done on a federal level. Everybody that isn't already in the US or a state as a part of the historical gambling landscape would probably prefer federal.

Especially from an online point of view state-by-state legislation would be a disaster. That's not how the internet works and you can also see with the recent European regulation that the segregation of markets and liquidity pools is just a huge hurdle.

The results that were delivered from state-by-state regulation, in France and Spain for example, are performing far below expectations.

Where do you think the mobile poker market is in terms of its development and what are the biggest challenges in it?

He rejoined PokerStars in , after the Full Tilt purchase, taking his current position. As a long-time insider and high-ranking executive with the biggest company in the industry, Jones has earned his place on the list of the most influential people in the poker industry.

The Swedish phenom, who originally appeared out of the blue in , challenged the entire high stakes community and created an unprecedented craze among fans.

At the same time, players were left speechless. He has always been the one to whom the online community would turn when they had issues with the company.

This role brought him a lot of influence in online circles. While it could be argued that this name does not belong with the rest, Staples has certainly become the force to be reckoned with in terms of the online poker industry.

What is the threshold for the difference between contributing and cannibalistic? Many rakeback sites have original content, strategy, etc articles on their site.

Some poker training sites are rakeback sites. How are any of those different than say, some guy who slaps a bunch of banners up on a website and pays someone to write some poker room reviews?

Why is there no outcry from the affiliate community about the bonus code and room review sites that far outnumber rakeback sites? Or where do you draw the line with incentives?

Are they not also other ways of returning cash to players that is not part of the centralized system where all affiliates are on a level playing field.

I think their service has a wonderful retention model. It works for them and it brings in players with good value. But at the same time, it goes to show that one affiliate model does not fit all.

The problem with rakeback today is that both affiliates and many poker rooms are slow to realize that players are demanding something better.

The way to fix the problem, both in churning players on network sites as well as rakeback in general, is to slowly offer the player a percentage of his rakeback over time.

This rewards player loyalty because they have to earn their rakeback via longterm loyalty and the affiliate is paid a percentage long enough that he can recoup his costs plus some profit.

At the same time affiliate managers should start weeding out the truly cannibalistic affiliates. At a 2x earnings multiple, the price Playtech is paying seems extremely low.

The global affiliate marketing business has become much tougher in recent years, especially in poker, as sites switch away from discriminatory rakeback models.

Dominik Kofert | Hamburg und Umgebung, Deutschland | + Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Dominik auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen. Dominik Kofert's Results, Stats. AKA Dominik Koffert. Dominik Kofert von PokerStrategy erklärt in einem Beitrag von Dradio-Wissen Poker. DRadio zählt zu den renommiertesten und angesehensten Radiosendern. Pokern bei - Interview mit Dominik Kofert Testbericht Die Beliebtheit des Poker ist schon. CEO Dominik Kofert expands on his previous column about the importance of winning players in poker, with a detailed explanation of why winners are vital to a profitable poker ecosystem. #8 Dominik Kofert, CEO of PokerStrategy You may not have heard the name of Dominik Kofert, but there is almost no chance that you haven’t heard of PokerStrategy. It was one of the first and biggest sites that offered new players plenty of resources and free bankrolls to test their hand at online poker. Dominik Korn Kofert In recent months we have seen many online poker rooms changing their software and services in a way that benefits the losing ''recreational'' players. Every dollar raked by a poker room, or won by a winning player, has been deposited and lost by a recreational player first. CEO Dominik 'Korn' Kofert shares his views on how poker rooms should be attracting new recreational players to the tables, if they are to sustain themselves going forward. It is now a well understood fact in the poker industry that attracting and retaining recreational players is key to a poker room's success. Lead Generation - Presentation by Dominik Kofert, Founder & CEO of Pokerstrategy at the NOAH Conference in San Francisco, Four Seasons Hotel on the 26th of June. We always try to work for the longer term anyway, so Coole Spiele Super Bubbles if you have a CPA deal we always try and make sure that there's strong Miss Green in those players. There are also US sites that offer play-money platforms that would have to convert players into real-money players. At the same time, players were left speechless.
Dominik Kofert

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Kofert sagt, Devisen seien nun mal ein überschaubarer Bereich, allzu viele Währungspaare zum Tauschen gebe es ja nicht.


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