Top 10 Twitch Streamer

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Top 10 Twitch Streamer

Dass man auf Twitch als großer Streamer Unsummen verdienen kann, ist kein Geheimnis. Hier sehen Sie die Top 10 der Bestverdiener auf. Wer sind die erfolgreichsten Streamer weltweit auf Twitch? Wir haben die Top 10 der größten Streamer nach Abonnenten (Subscriber) in der. Top 20 auf Twitch: Die 20 größten Streamer Deutschlands (Mai ) Nico nun schon auf Platz 10 der größten Gaming-Streamer platzieren.

Liste der meistgefolgten Twitch-Kanäle

Heelmike, 5,03 Mio. Kanal-Link. TheGrefg, 5,03 Mio. Zum Zeitpunkt der Erhebung hatte der Kanal "Ninja" mit rund 14,68 Millionen die meisten Follower bei Twitch. Top 20 auf Twitch: Die 20 größten Streamer Deutschlands (Mai ) Nico nun schon auf Platz 10 der größten Gaming-Streamer platzieren.

Top 10 Twitch Streamer The 5 Best Games to Stream on Twitch in 2020 Video


Wer sind die erfolgreichsten Streamer weltweit auf Twitch? Wir haben die Top 10 der größten Streamer nach Abonnenten (Subscriber) in der. GRONKH. Partner. DE. Variety. Seen 10 days ago. 1,, followers. #6 GTimeTV. Partner. DE. Minecraft. Seen 11 hours ago. , followers. # Heelmike, 5,03 Mio. Kanal-Link. TheGrefg, 5,03 Mio. Diese Liste der meistgefolgten deutschen Twitch-Kanäle führt die 25 deutschen Kanäle mit den 10, GTimeTV, , GTimeTV. 11, HandlOflBlood, 0.

Alan Mcmanus Spielbanken Alan Mcmanus Hessen! - Nutzer von Twitch

Jetzt kostenlos registrieren Bereits Mitglied? Jetzt kostenlos registrieren Bereits Mitglied? Weitere Statistiken zum Thema. Zugegriffen am Kostenlos ansehen. 9/15/ · Kaceytron | Top Twitch Streamer With just over K followers, Kaceytron is a top 10 Twitch female streamer and has her own TV show as well! On Twitch, she’s got over K active subscribers and 34M views. On YouTube, you can catch up with her . 9/17/ · He began streaming back on in before moving to Twitch. Earlier this month he gained the achievement of being the first ever Twitch streamer to amass over 10 million followers and has an average of 50, viewers per stream. Ninja also has a YouTube channel which boasts over 17 million subscribers. 19 MythAuthor: Helen Ashcroft. KittyPlays, also known as Kristen, is a year-old streamer from British Columbia. She has , followers and is one of the top Twitch streamers. The Most Watched Twitch Streamers, December Ranked by the total viewership hours (hours live x average viewers) in the last 30 days. The Most Popular Twitch Streamers, December Ranked by the average concurrent viewers while live over the past 15 streams. Last updated Mon, Dec 7 at DingleDerper makes it look easy streaming live as the #10 top female Twitch streamer with K followers and climbing. She’s got 16M total views on Twitch, and an estimated active subscribers. She got started streaming back in She streams Counter-Strike, League of Legents and Fortnite. On YouTube, DingleDerper has about 60K subscribers. The Top 10 Richest Twitch Streamers Of 1. Ninja. Earnings: $ million per year Followers: million. 2. Shroud. 3. TimTheTatman. 4. DrLupo. 5. DrDisRespectLIVE. LIRIK (also known as the Bean Bandit) is a Twitch streamer and PC gamer. He has a presence across all of the main social channels and has streamed on Twitch since He started streaming regularly a year later when DayZ was released. He plays a variety of games, including H1Z1, Arma 3, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and Fortnite.
Top 10 Twitch Streamer Nickmercs is one of the premiere streamers on Twitch that gained popularity during Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and grown his channel exponentially since So, hold on to your horses, as these popular titles are Www 4bilder Ein Wort actually helps a new channel to grow and sustain. There were also reports of sexual harassment as well as retaliation against the women employees. One of the hottest Twitch streamers rarely plays games anymore and now focuses on flaunting her assets instead. Twitch streamer Nicole Echols ready for work. Salena Harshini Jun 03, These 10 sexy Twitch streamers may not be very great at gaming but they surely make the streaming more enjoyable for viewers. With sponsorships from Monster Energy, Discord and Corsair among others, summit1g boasts of a weekly viewership of around 28, Julia Kreuzer listening to Alan Mcmanus via her headphone. If you are also a new streamer and now looking for some Lotterie Mit Den Höchsten Gewinnchancen games to stream on Twitch, you are in right place! He also plays Call of German Super League Black Ops 4 but his stream of Fortnite is more viewed than his other streams. Super Mario Maker is by far one of the most versatile games within the list. So, what are you waiting for? Fortnite is basically a Battle Royale where the last man standing takes wins the game. Sonja Reid relaxed and enjoying the sun.

It is one of the masterpieces when it comes to MOBA games. There are certain unique features in Kings of Glory that makes it different from other similar titles.

There are various ways in which one can experience King of Glory. There are also choices for regular 3V3 and 1v1 battles. One of the best features about the same is that it practically cries out for team collaboration which is bound to gain an audience over time.

Released in January , the game brings forth not only just some revamped graphics but intuitive gameplay. Although the game has received mixed reviews worldwide, it has turned out to be a success over Twitch.

Getting your hands on the game surely means a considerable amount of viewers over time. If you are looking for the best PS4 games to stream on Twitch this is just the right list for you.

With PS4 games becoming popular than ever, this is just the right time to get started with such games. There is no point in arguing that you can attract a much larger audience within a very short duration of time.

Super Mario Maker is by far one of the most versatile games within the list. It is one of the additions made by Nintendo for its popular side-scrolling platform game.

The sole idea behind this game is the flexibility to create custom courses that you can share with their audiences. One would be surprised to know that by the end of May More than 7 million such courses were made which were played million times.

That is certainly a serious number worth considering. As far as Twitch streaming is concerned, it is the perfect game to build a community around and interact with the audience.

If you want to get started with an online survival horror game, Dead by Daylight is just the right one for you.

The game revolves around the idea where one player takes the role of a sadistic killer while the others are fighting to survive.

The horror genre of gaming is canned ever be left unseen, which provides the streamer with a ton of opportunity to get viewers.

With the cherry on top, the game also features a ton of unlockable and downloadable characters. The FIFA series is by far one of the most popular sports-game titles throughout the world.

With over more than 27 million watch hours, it holds a great position and respect within the Twitch community. Julia Kreuzer listening to something via her headphone.

Photo: missrage. Expect to see rage when Miss Rage Julia Kreuzer is gaming, but in person, she is a different kind of person. She is a likeable person with a cool and outgoing personality.

She has managed to have , subscribers in Twitch, and her fan base keeps growing each other day. She is sporadic, unlike most other streamers who have a fixed schedule for streaming.

She also attracts huge audiences thanks to her stream highlights, giveaways and cosplays. She is a famous streamer whose speciality is first-person shooter games.

She has a fan-base of about , subscribers. She is also quite an experienced gamer, having been around for a while. In - , she was the top Call of Duty: World at War player.

Ms Vixen has a lot of credits in the gaming community as a member of Ubisoft's all-female professional gamers team and Frag Dolls.

She has been around for a long time as a competitive gamer for almost a decade. In that time, she managed to win several accolades.

Some of the awards include the National Champion in Dead or Alive 4 and holding a Guinness World Record for being the highest-earning female gamer.

This makes her one of the best ranked when it comes to female Twitch streamers income. She may go by the name LoserFruit, but she is all about winning.

She is among the top female gamers today with about half a million subscribers. She is a diverse streamer who broadcasts various games such as Overwatch, Witcher 3 and Just Dance.

She is also a vlogger who posts creative content. She spends between hours on the platform per week. She used to be a World of Warcraft professional player for a major league gaming team.

Twitch streamer Nicole Echols ready for work. Photo: kneecoleslaw Nicole Echols or KneeColeslaw as she is known on Twitch, has been a gamer since her childhood years.

She does not only enjoy gaming but also engaging her viewers. She remains candid with her comments even when responding to the bluntest of questions.

DizzyKitten is one of the few streamers with over half a million subscribers. Her real name is Brandi. She also rewards her loyal fans with giveaways daily.

The Korean gamer and Twitch streamer Becca is probably one of the most learned as well. She has a Sociology Degree from Boston College. She has a quarter of a million subscribers who enjoy her highly animated streams.

She also spends time chatting with fans, something that has scored her a huge mark in the gaming communities. The gaming guru and vlogger has a fan-base of about , subscribers.

She is a science geek, and that is how she was able to derive her name from the equation of the Schwarzschild radius. She is a member of the Dapper Crew on Twitch.

She made it big time on Twitch and is represented by one of the largest talent agencies in the world, United Talent Agency.

Full time all in. Timothy mostly plays World of Warcraft , Overwatch and Counter-Strike among others and his videos garner nearly 28, viewers per week.

With 44K active subscribers he is currently ranking 2 of all gamers with subscriptions and has close to 20K paid subscribers all tiers. Follow these 5 steps to grow your stream starting today!

On YouTube, Tim has close to 2. He is a full-time streamer with a dedicated subscriber base which brings him a lot of money at the end of the month.

Auronplay is a top streamer with 5. His YouTube videos receive 10M to 20M views each. On Twitch, he has 49M views and 62K viewers at any given time.

Summit1G net worth continues to climb. Join a community of over 80, streamers that help each other grow. With sponsorships from Monster Energy, Discord and Corsair among others, summit1g boasts of a weekly viewership of around 28, Owing to his increasing popularity among Twitch users his income is only set to soar in the coming years.

The Grefg is a top Twitch streamer with 5M followers and more than 6, kills and a YouTube base of A Spanish-speaking Twitch star, The Grefg also pulls in 4.

Riot Games is home of LoL Esports. With 4. He has over 4. They joined the Twitch Followers community and used the power of many to grow. Dakotaz grows his following by streaming solo and with Myth, among others.

Salena Harshini Jun 03, These 10 sexy Twitch streamers may not be very great at gaming but they surely make the streaming more enjoyable for viewers.

Check out top sexy Twitch streamers who will make your eyes pop Although multiple among them seem to pretend to be a gaming pro while they are actually bad at it, they still gain recognition by showing the goods.

Pink Sparkles is among the most scalding game streamers Her Instagram also has a lot of followers She was in a relationship with World of Warcraft gamer and streamer Asmongold.

KittyPlays also treat fans with many bold photos She is also said to be one who is not equipped with gaming abilities, but apparently her beauty is enough to make everyone go crazy.

ChloeLock ChloeLock is considered to be among the rising Twitch stars. TaraBabcock is better known with her bold pictures than anything else It is a waste not mentioning this streamer in the sexy list Anyways, she still engages in quite a number of games of various genres.

Addielyn9 ahs resigned as a Twitch streamer after her nude incident According to Addilyn9, she wanted to be remembered as with a cute image rather than a sensitive scandal.

CinCinBear Cinthya Alicea In terms of popularity, CinCinBear surely has reached the top as she is in the Twitch star club with more than 23 million views on her account.

CinCinBear now is more like a model She may not play any game anymore as she is quite caught up with her modeling commitments.

She is adored for a beautiful face and hot body LilChiipmunk Caroline LilChiipmunk is another Canadian to make in the list of best hotties on Twitch.

Yuuie is also deemed as a sexy Twitch streamer who gains lots of attention However, there is a fragile limit between decent and horrible at gaming.

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