Granite Surface Plates

Technospark is also in the line of manufacturing Granite Surface Plates for more than a decade now. Our products are catered to both Indian and Overseas markets. We are enjoying the continued patronage of our valued customers and strive to meet their expectations and sustain the faith reposed on our deeds. With the continual improvement in the state of art technology in Design, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Calibration, we dominate the Industrial Granite Surface Plate systems market.

We also supply along with Surface Plates, welded angle structural stands along with adjustable screw jacks for smaller plates. For size of 2000 X 1000 mm and above, we provide Cast Iron Columns of Grade 25 Cast Steel with adjustable screw jacks.

We offer Granite Surface Plates in the following colours: (a) Black, (b) Green and (c) Grey. The raw materials of all these colours are available in Karnataka State, India.

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