Rubber Linings

Rubber Lining is used for primary corrosion protection in aggressive chemical environments. They can be used as membranes behind the Granite Blocks, Granite Tiles & Brick Lining. When the thermal and abrasion process limit is in use on the primary protection layer. Technospark offer a range of pre-vulcanised and post-vulcanised Rubber Lining depending on the duty conditions & area of application.

Rubber Lining is used for many applications including resistance to acid, chemicals and alkalis, abrasion resistance, infect protection, etc.

Types of Rubbers used in various Industries:

  • Soft Natural Rubber: Used in Pickling Tank, Storage Tanks resistance to Hydrochloric Acid and sulphuric Solution for use as an Acid Pickling Solution.

  • Ebonite Rubber: Used in a higher degree of chemical resistance and are widely used in the high speed continuous Pickling Line, Electro Pickling & Electro Thinning Plant.

The lining is carried out in accordance with IS 4682 part I 1996 by slatted liners and cured with steam in an open steaming or autoclave with hot water or with live steam. The lining is tested by using high voltage spark testing machine both pre-cured and post-cured.

Technospark also carryout Rubber Lining of Tanks at customer Project sites. This work range from full strip and relines of very large tanks to very small pin hole repair in small tanks.

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