Monolithic Flooring / Lining

Concrete floor is a major investment to any facility. It should be protected from crumbling and dusting when abrasion, impact, movements and spillages take place. A clean and attractive floor provides a quality image to your customers and employees, thereby enhances the employee and visitor morale. Floor-coated, well kept floors shows that your business is committed to quality. Floor needs protection as well as decoration.

The floor left with no treatment of floor coating may lead to disaster in case of Industries where severe corrosive chemicals are handled.

Technospark Industries offers various types of floor coatings based on Epoxy, Polyurethane Resin and a combination of both in wide range of colours to the assorted needs Viz., Dust proof, Acid Resistance, Antiskid, Abrasion Resistance and Anti static for the Industries such as Automobiles, Chemical Processing, Food processing, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Steel Industries, Quality Control Labs, etc.

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