Acid Proof Granite Tile Lining

As a part of continual diversification programme Technospark has innovated the use of their Granite materials for Chemical resistant Masonry applications (Acid proof Tiling).

Granite is a naturally occurring chemical resistant Masonry and is insoluble in many commonly used Industrial solutions. Granite has desirable Physical properties Viz. high strength, low permeability and low thermal expansion. The granite materials used for Chemical resistant Masonry applications (Acid proof Tiling) is called Acid Proof Granite tiles and conventional one is Acid proof Clay Tiles/Bricks. The Size of our Acid Proof Granite tile is 305x152x18-20mm thick.

Our Acid proof Granite Tiles play a vital role in Anticorrosion treatments of substrates such as concrete and Steel and has been widely used in various plants such as Process , DM Plant, Water and Effluent Treatment Plants in steel and other industries in the following areas;

  • Floors, Drains / Channels

  • Tank/Equipment/Pump Foundations

  • Pedestals

  • Tank containment (Tank Farm Area)

  • Battery Room

Advantages of Acid proof Granite Tile Lining

  • 32% lesser joints than conventional Acid proof Clay Bricks/tiles. (The standard size of our Granite Tile is 305 mm x 152 mm whereas the standard size of International and Indian Acid proof Clay Bricks / tiles are 240 x 120 mm and 230 x 115 mm respectively.) Lesser the joints lesser the failure rate. More joints are one of the prime reasons for failure of the lining.

  • Very less Warpage. Lesser warpage avoids the stagnation of liquids.

  • Better Mechanical Properties

  • Low permeability

  • High Acid resistance

  • 33% lesser Load on the structure / substrate

  • Require lesser cross section of Drain/Trenches thereby considerable saving in Concrete volume/space achieved

  • Economical in terms of Price and logistics

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