Commercial Granites

Technospark manufactures high quality, wide variety of Granite items with different colour materials for all commercial and residential needs, Granite Gang Saw Slabs for flooring, Random Vertical Slabs for Cladding, Cut-to-size Granite Floor Tiles, Countertops, Kitchen Platforms, Monuments, made to order Granite Furniture, etc. Splendid colours, consistency and availability of large quantities and sizes make our granite well suited for exterior cladding, interior tile paving, sculpture and landscaping.

The company has been catering to many domestic, commercial and international needs in and around Bangalore, India and abroad.

Technospark manufactures a wide range of different colours of granite tiles of various size, vertical slabs and gang saw slabs. These granite tiles are manufactured on our range of cutting machines. The granite tiles are polished by synthetic diamond abrasives to obtain quality finish. After polishing the tiles are chamfered and polished for aesthetic look.

There are various types of flooring designs using tiles, vertical slabs and gang saw slabs, cut to shape and size as per individual requirement. Method of flooring includes single colour flooring, multiple colours and also with multiple designs. Depending on the area of flooring the above can be segregated as fully polished flooring or honed finish flooring. The steps and raisers also can be laid by granite with bevelling / noising and flaming wherever necessary.

Technospark is specialized in rain screen cladding system also called dry fixing of stone and have a team of specialized workmen for fixing of pre-polished granite for cladding and this manpower are specialized in such projects working from past two decades with thorough knowledge of the job. Technospark provides the best to the project by using adequate skilled manpower required to complete the project without compromising on quality.

Technospark also manufactures ornamental items such as rotating balls, flower vases, corner tables, round tables, telephone stands, kitchen table tops and other monumental items of various sizes and designs.

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