Acid Proof Clay Brick Lining

We recommend Acid proof Clay Bricks for Tanks/ equipments subjected to static head of liquids which require thicker bricks for the stability of lining as Acid Proof Granite Bricks will be too expensive than Acid proof Clay Bricks for Tanks.

Technospark also undertakes Acid proof Clay Brick lining for Tanks/ Equipments and have executed the same for various water and Effluent treatment plant projects.

To achieve our vision of offering total solutions for Corrosion /Refractory under one roof for Steel Industries we spread our wings in to the following activities:

  • Offering complete solutions for Anti-Corrosive Treatment for Stainless Steel

  • Pickling lines with various systems comprising of Carbon Brick Lining and Carbon Filled Monolithic Lining, etc.

  • Monolithic lining systems for Tanks and other equipments in floors for various water and Effluent Treatment Plant projects Dust Proof Floor coatings.

  • Rubber Linings.

  • PU Lining.

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