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Technospark Industries India (P) Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 company is the largest manufacturer of Industrial Granite Systems and have supplied more than 100 Granite Pickling Tanks all over the world.

Technospark Industries is the only, full fledged industrial Granite Manufacturer in India. On account of experienced and qualified Engineers with highly advanced equipments Technospark has met the Indian and International demands. With their entrepreneurial skills, Technospark continues to dominate the Industrial Granite Systems Market.

Technospark are the Manufacturers of
  • Granite Pickling Tanks
  • Acid Proof Granite Tiles
  • MS/CS Tanks /Equipments for CRM, ARP for Steel Industries
  • Industrial Granite Surface Plates
Turn Key Contractors of
  • Wet Section of Pickling Line
  • Acid Proof / Refractory Brick Linings
  • Monolithic Floorings based on Epoxy/PU/EPU Polymers
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